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TeaFiles.Net – Time Series Storage in Files

Use TeaFiles.Net to create, read and write files holding time series data.


  • high performance
  • very simple
  • versatile – open TeaFiles with C++, C#, Python, R, …

TeaFiles = Binary Data + Header

  • TeaFile is a file format
  • to store time series
  • as binary flat files
  • optional header holds a description of file contents
  • including a description of the item type layout (schema)
  • format is designed to be simple so that APIs are created easily
  • discretelogics published the file format and
  • releases APIs for C#, C++, Python under the GPL


  • High performance was top priority, see benchmarks here




The API class documentation is available online at


TeaFiles are the foundation of the TeaTime product family, a set of tools for persistence, visualisation and analysis of time series.


Out now is TeaShell, a shell extension to preview TeaFile contents inside Windows Explorer.



// define time series item type
struct Tick
    public Time Time;
    public double Price;
    public int Volume;

// create file and write values
using (var tf = TeaFile<Tick>.Create("acme.tea"))
    tf.Write(new Tick { Price = 5, Time = DateTime.Now, Volume = 700 });
    tf.Write(new Tick { Price = 15, Time = DateTime.Now.AddHours(1), Volume = 1700 });
    // ...
// sum the prices of all items in the file
using (var tf = TeaFile<Tick>.OpenRead("acme.tea"))
    return tf.Items.Sum(item => item.Price);

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